Electrify Show Choir

2018-2019 SBRHS “Electrify” Show Choir

Director – Samuel M. Bianco

Choreographer – Greg “Bubba” Bussiere and Ashley Racicot

Pit Band Director – David M. Marshall

Dance Technician – Taiylor Medina

President – Emily Nawrocki

Vice-President – Molly Sullivan

Dance Captains – Meghan King, Kenzie Hill, and Ethan Lazaro

Soprano Section Leader – Delaney Wilson

Mezzo Section Leader – Kaitlyn Ferreira

Alto Section Leader – Emma Ternes

Tenor Section Leader – Owen Sawyer

Bass Section Leader – Ethan Lazaro


(Full School Year Season / September – June)

“Electrify” Show Choir (Mixed) rehearses weekly throughout the school year during after-school hours, evening hours and on weekends. Membership in the ensemble is selective, and open to all students from grades 9-12 through auditions given in the spring. This ensemble provides both singing and dance opportunities in a variety of contemporary genres. The “Electrify” Show Choir represents Somerset Berkley Regional High School at various festivals and competitions beginning in November and ending in mid-April. All competitions are held on Saturdays and Sundays. All members of the “Electrify” Show Choir must be a member in good standing of the Concert Choir and/or Chorale.

BAND App. The SBRHS Music Department will continue to use the BAND app to disseminate all information quicker and more efficiently to you! Documents, calendars, weekly announcements, and up-to-date information will be available now in this one application rather than checking weekly emails or paper documents. The BAND App is completely free to use! You can download the BAND App on your iPhone, Android devise, or access it on your computer by going to band.us. I suggest that you set it up on a computer first and then download the app once you have an account established. The names of our BAND groups are listed above. Everyone should be part of the Friends of Music BAND app group as weekly announcements for the department will be posted there. The additional groups are ensemble specific groups set up by the ensemble directors: Below are the invite codes for each group:

BAND App Groups for “Electrify” Show Choir:

Friends of Music – invitation located at https://band.us/n/a4afXfj5lbO5s

SBRHS Show Choir – invitation located at https://band.us/n/a6a4X9j6lfT35


Facebook Group for parents (to share videos/pictures with other show choir parents) https://www.facebook.com/groups/SBRHSShowChoir/


Electrify is Somerset Berkley’s Premiere Mixed Show Choir currently made up of 58 singers and dancers. This season Electrify’s theme will be the Roaring 20’s.

Electrify rehearses from September through April every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:05-5:00. Competitions are traditionally on Saturdays. This year the Competitions are as follows

Baystate Show Choir Festival – Oliver Ames High School – November 9-10

Mill City Show Choir Festival – Lowell High School – January 19th

Central Massachusetts Show Choir Festival – Shepherd Hill Regional High School – February 2nd

Connecticut Classic Show Choir Festival – Daniel Hand High School – March 2nd

Andover Show Choir Showdown – Andover High School – March 23rd

Eastern Show Choir Finals – Waltham High School – April 6th

Other performances for this ensemble are listed on the 2018-2019 SBRHS Performing Arts Calendar

Additional Music Department Documents that pertain to this ensemble:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to email me at biancos@sbregional.org

Show Choir Standards 18-19


As stated in the show choir contract “We have many expenses that must be paid for, including support staff members, music, set pieces, entry fees, and buses. In order to be able to pay for all of these things, the music department and the Somerset Friends of Music work tirelessly to fund raise for the group as a whole. As a member of this group, you are required to participate in these fundraisers. As we receive more information about all of these fundraisers, you will be notified and asked to sign up.”

It is the intention of fundraisers to have the students doing the work and not the parents. These fundraisers are designed so that all the student need do is put in a little bit of effort and they can easily reach the required fund raising goals without just asking their parents for money. Each year a number of students go above and beyond but each student is asked to help out the best that they can. Selling candy and tickets to friends, family, teachers, and community members helps to keep the show choir running while keeping the fee for show choir as low as possible. Without these fundraisers the fee for student involvement would need to increase more than 100% or the program would not be able to continue to compete and once again be one of the best show choirs in New England!

Planned fundraisers for 18-19 school year

Car Wash – *Great Success!!! Thank you to Emily Nawrocki for putting it all together!

Candy Bar Sale – October AND February – This is BY FAR our greatest moneymaker each year! Each student is required to sell two boxes of candy bars for a total of $160 each in October and again in February. These two sales alone account for almost 1/3 of the entire seasons costs.

Clam Boil – Each year the Show Choirs put on a clam boil hosted by The Somerset Grille. Students are asked to sell pre-sale tickets for this event.

Show Choir Holiday Show – This year on December 20th the show choirs will be presenting a holiday performance filled with singing and dancing. Students are asked to sell pre-sale tickets for this event

Somerset Berkley’s Got Talent! – On January 24th, the show choirs are hosting the first annual Somerset Berkley’s Got Talent! talent show.  Students are asked to sell pre-sale tickets for this event

2018-2019 “Electrify” Member List

Laura-Kate Ahaesy

Zack Almeida

Tori Andrade

Lindsey Arruda

Cailey Aspden

Maia Calvano

Sarah Camara

Drew Caruso

Abigail Collins

Cate Corcoran

Maggie Corcoran

Faith Costa

Ricardo Cruz

Riley Diffley

Rebecca Donovan

Alex Escobar

Kaitlyn Ferriera

Kyle Gauthier

Emma Guillotte

Sarah Hall

Kenzie Hill

Jennifer Jeanmarie

Megan King

Ethan Lazaro

Veronica Labanca

Joel Marcucilli

Abbey Martel

Abby Mattos

Jada Mattos

Maddie McNeil

Emma Medeiros

Heaven Medina

Bethany Mello

Noah Mello

Emily Nawrocki

Dalton Neilan

Lizzy Newman

Jonathan Oehmen

Caitlyn Olivera

Guy Parenteau

Sophia Puccini

Rajesh Rambharose

David Rausch

Nick Reis

Savannah Rose

Ashton Rutkowski

Owen Sawyer

Justin Seney

Shawn Simmons

Parker Sowersby

Molly Sullivan

Caleb Tavares de Almeida

Emma Ternes

Mason Theis

Cruz Whiting

Grace Wilson

Delaney Wilson